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Welcome to my website!

When I was a teenager, I put a good amount of hours into videogames, and I was always curious about the inner workings behind them. We don't think of it much, but every game we play have gone through plenty of iterations designed by a bunch creative minds, who put a lot of time and effort into their project. I really admire those kinds of people, and one day I would like to become one too.

Around 2011 I was introduced to my favourite game series of all time, Portal. It was also around that time, that I became interested in level design. The levels in those games appear simple, but in reality had much thought put behind them. This is especially visible in Valve games. There's much more to a level than graphics and realism, and the reason they nail it is due to their design decisions. For a map to be fun, you have to dig into the gameplay side, and design it in a way that you think is enjoyable.

With my maps, my main focus is fun and polishment, which hopefully is a recurring factor with my newer works. When I make a new map, I won't call it finished until I feel 100% satisfied with it, which usually makes it a very long process. But in the end, I feel like it's been worth the wait. I hope you have fun experiencing my levels! =)

My experience with mapping and game development:

  • Been using the source engine to create maps since early 2015
  • Made custom assets like textures with normal maps and also looping sounds
  • Submitted a map to the MapCore csgo contest of 2017
  • Other technical skills:

  • Knows HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Knows some video editing

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