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The Long Leap June 2018

This map is built around the idea of a super big portal fling. It's not really a puzzle, but more an experience, and is designed in a way that encourages exploration. My intent for the theme was to make it really absurd and distorted, hence the ludicrously long jump. One thing that I learned while creating this, is that you can't actually look straight up or down in Portal 2, it's off by less than a degree! I guess you only figure out stuff like that when you make so absurd levels like these.

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Deserted November 2017

Deserted is my first proper attempt at a defusal map for csgo, and my submission to the mapcore contest of 2017. If I were to sum it up in four words, it would be fun, balanced, but poorly optimized. It has gone through a number of playtesting sessions, and throughout the development I allowed the layout to be fluid and open for major changes. Thus, it has become a very different map since I started. Eventually the deadline drew close and I didn't have enough to optimize it properly. But considering the circumstances, I'm happy with the result :).

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Aperture North January 2017

This is the stepping stone that differentiates my old maps and my more polished works. It improves in almost every aspect, but most notably the graphics and puzzle side, I also learned much more about optimization with this one. The map is seperated into three main parts. The first focuses on aquiring the portal gun, the second on story, and the third on the puzzle. It's not perfect, and at the time of me writing this, the story notes still don't work. sorry about that ...

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Angle is the key 2 December 2015

AITK2 is the direct continuation of the previous level. It's pretty decent, and improves the puzzle side significally. A recurring theme in these beginning levels, is a that it's kept clean of puzzle elements, and this one is no exception. The concept of portal angling is expanded on, and it features neat design decisions. Maybe next time you will think twice before placing a portal.

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Angle is the key April 2015

When I made this map, I wanted to bring attention to angled portals, since a lot don't take that into consideration when making fling maps. It teaches you about the importance of portal angles, and how it affects your traversery when flinging. The puzzle element, being the angled portals, allows for interesting level design that you don't see too often. Despite the primitive aesthetics, the level is short and sweet, hopefully leaves you with a bigger brain when you leave.

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Funnel Blocker March 2015

This one is special to me. When I first started out, I was so frustrated with hammer because I didn't know how to use it right, and I didn't know how much of a pain I would get from all the compile errors. Story short: I almost gave up, but refused. This map marks the beginning of my mapping carrier, which is why this map is so important to me. It's not perfect, but hopefully you'll enjoy it for what it is

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